20th-21st May 2016
La Térmica, Málaga, Spain

J on the beach
Bringing developers and DevOps together around Big Data
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J on the Beach

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International speakers from leading companies sharing their best practices.


World class creators of technologies will open and close each day of the event.


Mingle with top executives and promising developers & DevOps.

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J & Data on the Beach

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No unicorns, no caticorns, just software development

Jamie Allen
Senior Director of Global Services @Lightbend (formerly Typesafe)

Author of Effective Akka (O’Reilly), and the co-author of the upcoming Reactive Design Patterns (Manning). Jamie is a computer languages enthusiast who enjoys writing performant code that most efficiently leverages the resources at hand.

Roland Kuhn
Akka Tech Lead @Lightbend (formerly Typesafe)

After earning a PhD in high-energy particle physics and while working as a systems engineer in the space business, Roland came in contact with the Akka project. He started contributing in 2010 and has been employed by Lightbend since 2011 where he has been leading the Akka project since November 2012.

Sergey Bykov
‎Principal Software Development Lead @Microsoft Research

Joined Microsoft in 2001 and worked in several product groups, such as e-Business Servers, Embedded Devices, and Online Services, before moving to Research in 2008 to incubate Orleans. Sergey continues leading the Orleans team after open-sourcing the project, now within Microsoft Studios.

Matthias Bräger
Head of Control and Monitoring Platform @CERN

Software Engineer at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He is responsible for the Technical Infrastructure Monitoring (TIM) system which is a 24/7 service used by many different user groups to supervise and control a variety of infrastructure spread across the CERN site. He also heads the CERN Control and Monitoring Platform C2MON [C-2-MON].

Julia Mateo
Java Consultant @Hortis GRC

Julia Mateo is a Software Engineer based in Geneva. After several years in Madrid and Paris, she joins Hortis GRC company in Geneva where she works as a senior java developer and tech leader. She helps development teams in the adoption of Agile techniques and Software Craftsmanship. Julia is very involved in community work leading Duchess Swiss. She often speaks about Java and Continuous Delivery through workshops or formal presentations (Geneva Java User Group, Docker User Group, JBCNConf, CodeMotion).

Mario Camou
Senior Software Developer @eBay

Mario has been developing with Scala and Akka since 2010, with some JRuby thrown in for good measure. After living in Mexico City and Madrid, he now calls Berlin home, where he is currently Senior Developer within eBay's European Product Development group.

Francisco Fernández
Software/Site Reliability Engineer @GrapheneDB

Francisco, who is based in Madrid, works at GrapheneDB as a service reliability engineer. He has previously worked in several start-ups in topics ranging from software tools to a video streaming platform. His interests are distributed systems, functional programming, databases, mathematics and machine learning.

Albert Bifet
Big Data Scientist-SAMOA

Associate Professor at Telecom ParisTech. He is the author of a book on Adaptive Stream Mining and Pattern Learning and Mining from Evolving Data Streams. He is one of the leaders of MOA and Apache SAMOA software environments for implementing algorithms and running experiments for online learning from evolving data streams.

Yara Senger
Founder @The Developer's Conference

Java Champion, Director of SouJava and an alternate representative of the group on the JCP Executive Committee. Co-founder and director of Globalcode and The Developer's Conference. In 2011, she was recipient of the Duke Choice's Award, for the JHome embedded environment.

David Pilato
David Pilato
Developer | Evangelist @elastic

David Pilato is Developer at elastic and French spoken language User Group creator. In his free time, he likes talking about elasticsearch in conferences like Devoxx FR BE UK, JUGs, Web5, Agile France, Mix-IT, Javazone or in companies (Brown Bag Lunches).

Kirk Pepperdine
Principal Consultant @Kodewerk Ltd.

Kirk works as an independent consultant offering Java performance services and training. Prior to focusing on Java, Kirk developed and tuned systems written in C/C++, Smalltalk, and a variety of other languages. He helped evolve as a resource for performance tuning tips and information.

Peter Crnokrak
Data-Viz/Architecture Lead @Ora Systems

Emerging from a doctorate in quantitative genetics, Peter’s work takes complex systems and renders them into symbolic and intuitive graphical representations. He has been recognized by National Science Foundation, AIGA 365, ISTD and The European Design Awards.

Ivan Krylov
Senior Software Engineer @Azul Systems

Ivan is a Ph.D. and has been in software development for nearly 20 years and of those last 10 years where dedicated to Java Virtual Machines development and JIT compilers. For the last 3 years Ivan is developing Zing VM at Azul Systems and also is working on several proposals to OpenJDK including the ObjectLayout project.

Amira Lakhal
Agile Java Scala developer @Valtech

She is passionate about functional languages and Big Data. She is one of the Duchess France leaders where she helps women in IT to became role models.

Kevin Crosbie
Director of product @RavenPack

Joined RavenPack in 2003 as a software developer and, prior to assuming responsibility for product, he was one of RavenPack's senior developers and sales support engineers. Kevin is a major contributor to the evolving News Analytics industry.

Juantomás García
Data Solutions Manager @OpenSistemas

President Hispalinux (Spanish User Local Group) (1999-2007) Author of the book "La Pastilla Roja" the first book in spanish about free software (2004) More than 200 lectures around the world. Now Data Solutions Manager of OpenSistemas and advocate of Apache Spark and Kappa Architecture.

Edson Yanaga
Edson Yanaga
Director of Developer Experience @Red Hat

Edson Yanaga is focused on empowering developers worldwide to deliver better software faster and reliably. He has been nominated as a Java Champion and currently is also a Microsoft MVP. Professor, author, blogger and frequent speaker in many international conferences talking about Java, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Microservices and Software Craftsmanship.

Vinicius Senger
IoT specialist @Globalcode

Founder of Globalcode, the largest Brazilian educational center specialized in software development. Senger has presented more than 200 talks about Software Development, Java, Java EE and open-source hardware. His project jHome, home automation API based on Java EE, won the Duke's Choice Award 2011 and nowadays he is working on putting Java and open-source hardware together.

Petter Måhlén
Backend Infrastructure Engineer @Spotify

Currently building infrastructure and developer tools at Spotify, Petter has 20 years of experience of software development in many roles: developer, project manager, product owner, CTO, architect, etc. The last few years, he has eschewed management roles for love of coding, and has worked mostly on building large-scale distributed systems for the web.

Daniel Brown
Software Engineer @eBay

A software engineer at eBay by day, a hacker of the internet of things by night. Dan works in Scala and Java, but has been known to venture off that beaten path towards Python and C++. A hacker of Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi’s, explores ways of recording and modifying the local environment for the better.

Jörg Schad
Distributed Systems Engineer @Mesosphere

Jörg Schad is a software engineer at Mesosphere in Hamburg where he works on the Apache Mesos project. Prior to this he worked on SAP Hana and in the Information Systems Group at Saarland University. His passions are distributed (database) systems, data analytics, and distributed algorithms.

Zeki Vázquez
Web Engineer @SwiftCircle

Strongly focused on Drupal and its ecosystem of tools, and specialized on IT security, performance, scalability and availability of complex systems. Speaker on last three DrupalCamp Spain editions, and usually collaborates with local meeting groups and local universities to talk mainly about web security and Drupal.

Andrew Pearson
Managing Director @Qualex Asia Limited

Andrew is the Managing Director of Qualex Asia Limited, a leading implementer of BI, CI, EDW, data modeling and predictive analytics companies in the ASEAN region that specifically caters to the casino, sports betting and social gaming industry.Pearson works with some of the world's biggest casino operators, lottery companies, and sports books.

Miguel A. Guillén
System Engineer @Aeria Games Europe GmbH

System administrator specialist in GNU/Linux and a free software enthusiast. Has a deep knowledge of hight virtualization experience as well as web architecture and deployment

Justo Ruiz Ferrer
CTO @Valo

Justo has more than 10 years in the financial sector, holding senior front office and risk positions in Hedge Funds and Investment Banks as a Computer Scientist in areas like FX, Rates and Credit. In 2013 he started coding a new distributed computation engine for streams of data called Valo.

Tim Ellison
Senior Technical Staff Member @IBM's Java Technology Centre

He has worldwide responsibility for Open Source Engineering in the Java SDK underpinning a broad selection of IBM's flagship products. He has been a Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation and chair of the Apache Harmony Project. Tim holds a BSc in Computer Science, and an MSc in Computer System Design from the University of Manchester.

Jason Cornez
CTO @RavenPack

A Silicon Valley start-up veteran with 20 years of professional experience, Jason combines technical know-how with an understanding of business needs to turn vision into reality. Jason holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science, along with undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and EECS, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Fernando Pérez
Head of Big Data & Advanced Analytics Services @Bitmonlab (Zed Worldwide)

Before joining Zed, he worked at IBM, as a Data Specialist, in the Business Analytics & Optimization service line, developing Business Intelligence and Data Mining projects for main spanish banks and carriers. Graph Theory lecturer for the IBM "From Data Mining to Data Science" Master Program.

Diego Ongaro
Lead Software Engineer @Salesforce

Diego lives in San Francisco and works on the Compute Systems team at Salesforce. He's interested in distributed systems and formal methods, and is developing a new tool that combines visualization, simulation, and model checking. Diego received his PhD in 2014 from Stanford, where he was advised by Professor John Ousterhout. During his doctorate, he worked on RAMCloud (a 5-10 microsecond round-trip key-value store), the Raft consensus algorithm, and LogCabin (a production-ready coordination service built with Raft).

Blake Irvin
Software Engineer @smartB Energy Management

Blake builds machines and writes code to improve human life, whether individual artists and musicians, millions of busy shoppers, or businesses working towards sustainable operations. He lives in Berlin, where he's currently failing to learn German.

Darach Ennis
Founder & CEO

Darach is a polyglot programmer interested in functional reactive development in high performance and large scale systems.

Heidi Howard
PhD @ Cambridge University, Computer Lab

Heidi Howard is currently studying towards PhD at the Cambridge University, Computer Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Jon Crowcroft. Her research interest is fault-tolerance, consistency and consensus in modern distributed systems. In 2014, she received her BA in Computer Science from Pembroke College at the Cambridge University. Heidi has also previously worked as research assistant and undergraduate researcher on topics such as middlebox traversal, DNS, privacy preserving systems and wireless community networks.

Juan Manuel Servera
Technical Evangelist @Microsoft

After more than 18 years developing innovative solutions in different R&D and innovation departments, in several companies for media, industry and tourism, in 2015 Juan joined Microsoft in the Developer eXperience department as Technical Evangelist. He specializes in IoT and Cloud solutions, and loves rock, jazz, robotics, machine learning and scifi, in any order or better when mixed.

Federico Fernandez
Federico Fernández
Senior Software Engineer (Scala, Spark, Akka, Android)

Fede is a software engineer with a long experience with JVM-based programming languages. While interested in Java and Android he has specialized in Scala and Big Data technologies.
Certified in Java and Spark, with a Master in Software Engineering and Technology, Fede is passionated about rock music, sports, and open source. He collaborates with some open source projects while he supports his favourite football team: (Cannot be said in Málaga)

Luigi Dell'Aquila
Core Developer @OrientDB

Luigi is core developer and director of consulting at OrientDB. He has been working in the IT field for more than ten years as a developer (mainly focused on Java and Open Source, also contributing to many OSS projects), consultant and trainer. Now he is mainly focused on graph query engine implementation, query planning and optimization. Over the years he has spoken at conferences like Devoxx, Mix-It, Codemotion.

Peter Lawrey
CEO @Higher Frequency Trading Ltd.

Java Champion with the most answers in Java and the JVM on StackOverflow discusses some lessons learnt in using Java 8’s lambdas in for low latency software in Java on the JVM.

Florian Douetteau
CEO @Dataiku

Florian works in the “data” field since 01’, back when it was not yet big. He worked in successful startups in search engine, advertising and gaming industries, holding various data or CTO’s role. He started Dataiku in 2013, his first venture as a CEO, with the goal of alleviating the daily pains from the data enthusiasts and let them express their creativity.

Quentin Adam
Quentin Adam
CEO @Clever Cloud

Quentin ADAM is the CEO of Clever Cloud: an IT automation company, running a Platform as a Service allowing you to run java, scala, ruby, node.js, php, python or go applications, with auto scaling and auto healing features. This position allow him to study lots of applications, code, practice, and extract some talks and advises. Regular speaker at various tech conference, he’s focused to help developers to deliver quickly and happily good applications.

Christoph Engelbert
Technical Evangelist @Hazelcast

Christoph Engelbert is Technical Evangelist at Hazelcast. He is a passionated Java developer with a deep commitment for Open Source software. He mostly is interested in Performance Optimizations and understanding the internals of the JVM and the Garbage Collector. He loves to bring software to it's limits by looking into profilers and finding problems inside of the codebase.

Paul Chen
Tech Evangelist @Reality Games

Mature professional with a unique multicultural perspective from having worked with individuals from many different demographics in different settings. Currently, writing articles for a website run by the Polish government promoting tech-based entrepreneurial activities in Poland as well as managing a blog about the Startup Ecosystem in CEE region. Organized two startup events connecting Krakow to other startup communities in the CEE region.

Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts
Spark Team Lead @IBM

Working in IBM Hursley for the past three years Adam's current work is focused on Apache Spark. Outside of IBM, Adam is an avid powerlifter as well as being a very stubborn Green Bay Packers and Manchester United fan. He's looking to take on new challenges and enjoys keeping up to date with recent tech advances - very interested in the uses of machine learning and AI as well as secure and forensic computing.

Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez
Devops / Senior Software Engineer (Scala, Akka)

Fran began his career as PHP/Python developer, having a deep knowledge in Unix systems. He moved to Scala when he starts to learn Functional Programming. Fran loves challenges and is always happy to learn new things at all times. His hobbies are Photography, watch tv series and read as many books as he can.

Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza
Java Developer & Open Source Evangelist @Summa Technologies

Bruno has dedicated his life to help developers worldwide reach their true potential. The "Brazilian JavaMan" is a Java Developer at Summa Technologies, and a Cloud Specialist at ToolsCloud. In those companies, Bruno participated in some of the largest Java projects in Brazil. President of SouJava and twice Director at the Open Source Initiative.

Otávio Santana
Otávio Santana
Software Engineer @The Apache Software Foundation

Otávio is an evangelist and practitioner of agile philosophy and polyglot development in Brazil. Java Champion and JUG leader of JavaBahia and SouJava, and a strong supporter of Java communities in Brazil, where he also leads the BrasilJUGs initiative to incorporate Brazilian JUGs into joint activities. He is a cocreator and is also responsible for the Linguagil Group, merger of Java, Ruby, Python, and Agile groups that promotes agility across language-focused communities.

Mar Cabra
Mar Cabra
Head of the Data & Research Unit @ICIJ

Mar is the head of the Data & Research Unit, which produces the organization's key data work (Panama papers, Swiss leaks, Australian mining’s damage, etc.) and also develops tools for better collaborative investigative journalism. She has been an ICIJ staff member since 2011, and is also a member of the network.

Pascal Laenen
Pascal Laenen
Head of Architecture for Omni-Channel @Thomas Cook Group

Pascal joined Thomas Cook group 10 years ago and worked in different areas of IT and Business. Previously responsible for Omni-Channel architecture, now unlocking new business opportunities by leveraging new technologies and innovative architectures.

Juan Jose Del Rio
Juan Jose Del Rio
Global Head of Delivery Services @The Workshop

Juan Jose has over 6 years of experience on patterns to make the Build & Deployments easy and painless. He is working lately on rolling out Continuous Delivery in an organization with more than 700 versioned components and over 13K successful deployments per month.

Ruslan Synytsky
Ruslan Synytsky
CEO and co-founder @Jelastic

Ruslan Synytsky is CEO and co-founder of Jelastic, company that deliver DevOps PaaS with full containers orchestration. With over 15 years in the IT industry, Ruslan is an expert in large-scale distributed Java applications and enterprise platforms. Before starting Jelastic in 2011, Ruslan was one of the key engineering leads at the National Space Agency of Ukraine and worked on various innovative projects. Ruslan Synytsky has a reach scientific luggage and is actively involved in various tech conferences for developers, hosting providers, integrators and enterprises.


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